Montessori Schools of Irvine exist to provide the highest quality of Montessori early childhood education and care available - anywhere.

Irvine’s ORIGINAL Montessori Program

Serving Generations of Children Since 1976




National Association for Young Children


American Montessori Society


Affiliated by the American Montessori Society

Accredited by National Association for the Education of Young Children

Montessori Teacher Education Program:

The University Montessori Teacher Education Program at UC Irvine

Accredited by the American Montessori Society and

The Montessori Accreditation Council for Teacher Education



Enrollment accepted on an availability basis.


Children can be queued for enrollment at no charge by completing the application and touring our school. We do our best to enroll your child in a timely manner.

Please select your desired school and click the link to complete the enrollment application. Use the form to contact the school director for enrollment availability. Because our locations have independent enrollment processes, please contact each director individually if you are interested in multiple sites.




The winner of two architectural awards, University Montessori serves children from 3 months through first grade.

This warm and charming center Village Montessori serves children ages 2.9 years of age through the third grade.

Created to meet the increasing demand, this center serves toddlers from 1 year of age and walking through the kindergarten year.

Created to meet the increasing demand, this center serves toddlers from 1 year of age and walking through the kindergarten year.

Executive Director

Cheryll Ruszat grew up with a very clear mission - to teach - and she has been doing just that for more than 4 decades. Her passion? Montessori education! Cheryll found Montessori education for her own two children when they were preschoolers and, as she says, "My children grew up but I stayed behind!"

University Montessori Teacher Education
Program at UC Irvine

University Montessori Teacher Education Program at UC Irvine is the only Southern California Montessori preparation program which offers college credit from a public university that is recognized both in Montessori Schools and by the State of California Community Care Licensing as the core of required units to teach in Montessori as well as all early childhood programs.


  • Brandon and Keisha Hay
    "Our boys have been attending Westpark Montessori since they were 2 years old, and we cannot imagine where we would be without this community. Westpark Montessori and now Village Montessori for our oldest son, have continued to create an environment that challenges and encourages our boys in ways beyond what we knew how to. The focus is on the child and that is witnessed in many ways other than just following the Montessori method including: the low student to staff ratio, the biannual assessments for each child in their developmental journey, and at the end of the school year, the teachers gift each family a beautiful memory book of the child’s journey including pictures of the child, their art- all personalized for each child. This school has surpassed our expectations and the staff has become part of our family. The teachers, the assistants, the Directors and the owners truly care about the children and know how important of a role each conversation, each lesson, and each smile makes in our children’s lives. Our family is forever grateful that we found a home with the Westpark and Village branch of Montessori Schools of Irvine."
    Brandon and Keisha Hay
  • Kevin Akash
    "For the past five years, I have had both of my boys attending the Montessori Schools of Irvine program. We have been fortunate to attend the University, Westpark and Village campuses. Every educator we have interacted with at the Montessori Schools of Irvine family has been amazing. You can tell this by the way your child is greeted each day with a warm smile and small chit chat as they arrive at school. Every teacher knows your child, as they have the opportunity to interact with them during the school day, after school play, nap times, early morning circles or playtime in the atrium. Each hand-selected teacher by the Director Ms. Cheryll truly has your child’s best interest at heart. The curriculum and methodology that is used at each grade level is superior to none. You will value each of the lessons and jobs your child has the opportunity to work with as they progress through the program. Each task they perform has multi-levels of learning. Each week your child will come home with stacks of paper they have worked on during the school day. As you look over their work; your child will guide you through their day at school. Your child will become an independent learner and will gauge problem-solving. They say “it takes a village to raise a child,” Montessori Schools of Irvine is that village."
    Kevin Akash
  • Zuzanna & Raymond Slonena (Zofia (9))
    "My daughter started University Montessori when she was four months old; now she is in the third grade at Village Montessori. The Montessori Schools of Irvine have provided a nourishing, loving yet extremely stimulating academic environment. The teachers are excellent. Through their experience, passion, and enthusiasm they make their students super excited about learning and self-motivated. Each child learns at her/his own pace enabling each student to reach a full potential. The students excel in science, language, and art. Very importantly, the children are taught kindness, respect to others and nature, and responsibility. My daughter is always excited to go to school, to learn, work with teachers, and meet her friends. Throughout the years we have appreciated the School tremendously; we could not have chosen a better school for our daughter."
    Zuzanna & Raymond Slonena (Zofia (9))
  • Karin and Tim Koch (Savannah (8) and Victoria (3))
    "My children LOVE this school - from the passionate teachers to the amazing friendships they have fostered. Montessori Schools of Irvine provides a curriculum that integrates high teaching standards and develops the child's passion for lifelong learning. We love this school so much that despite living in Irvine, we are continuing with the elementary program because they understand that it is more than traditional academics. Montessori Schools of Irvine develops the "whole" child from practical life skills to executive functioning. We could not be happier with the teachers and leadership here at Montessori Schools of Irvine."
    Karin and Tim Koch (Savannah (8) and Victoria (3))
  • Tanya & Tony San Miguel (Andrew (6) and Evan(3)
    "Village Montessori of Irvine is an incredible school that provided both of our boys with a strong foundation academically as well as socially. All the staff in Village is top notch educationally and have many years of experience in their field. The teachers are very patient and nice but exercise right amount of boundaries to teach kids respect and good manners. All the teachers we have had pleasure to have over the years have been very responsive and accommodating towards our additional needs for our boys, which I very much appreciate as a mom. The school's executive staff has been very transparent in their communication to the parents about all challenges this past year has brought. I like that we get weekly/monthly updates on all the latest developments and about everything that is going on in classes (holidays, celebrations, school updates, etc.). Also, my husband and I really love the school's curriculum and the style of teaching. My boys go at their own pace in learning something new every day and master the necessary skills. I also appreciate the fact that they have their own chef who puts together a great variety of meals that are healthy and plentiful for the growing kiddos. Overall, I have nothing but positive feelings and thoughts about Village Montessori. We love this school and what it has given our family. Thank you for all you do!!! We really appreciate you!"
    Tanya & Tony San Miguel (Andrew (6) and Evan(3)
  • Carolyn
    "From the Infant Room through Kindergarten, UMS creates a nurturing environment tailored to each child, academically, socially, emotionally, and culturally. Our child has thrived at UMS, developing a love and appreciation for math, science, art, and music, devouring books several grade levels up, mastering daily life skills, learning about other cultures and places, and making lifelong friends - all before completing Kindergarten! When you ask our child what her favorite activity is she will excitedly say, "School!" It's all thanks to UMS and we couldn't be happier to be part of this family."
  • Charlene
    "The Montessori Schools of Irvine are not just a group of schools, but a community. The Director and Founders have made it their purpose to not only support the Montessori mission, but to create an environment that also supports and engages the UCI community. As a UCI staff member and a mom, it has been such a pleasure leaving my child in an environment with people that care about more than just a developmental checklist but works with the community to create and develop initiatives that provide our children with a pathway to success."
  • Charlene and Marek
    "The Montessori Schools of Irvine are a local treasure. Richard and Cheryll have elevated the Montessori mission and created an educational sanctuary for our child to not only learn but thrive. The teachers care for our daughter as if she were their own and have been the best partners in cultivating her development."
    Charlene and Marek
  • Amisha
    "We joined Northwood Montessori in the midst of the pandemic and everyone here has been so supportive through all of our fears and concerns. First of all, they have safety nailed down to an art here! All of the staff and children (above 2) wear masks, they sanitize and clean the classrooms daily, practice social distancing and are completely transparent in the way they operate. My son is 5 and is in Ms. Lily's classroom and has just blossomed into loving school. He is always happy to go to school and loves that he can pick which activities he wants to do. He loves to write, paint and has even started to read. The main thing I wanted for my son is to have a love for learning and Northwood Montessori has provided the perfect platform for that. I am so grateful that the teachers take the time to foster that love of learning and curiosity for each and every child. Despite the current situation, the teachers and staff and Northwood Montessori have done a fantastic job at keeping my son happy, healthy and engaged. They go above and beyond every day!"
  • Kevin Akash
    Our family has been part of the Irvine Montessori School system for the past four years. With Ms. Pennee’s leadership there is no other school I would recommend than this one. Ms. Cheryl and Mr. Richard hand select some of the finest teachers for their schools. Many of the teachers in the Irvine Montessori family have been there for years. This speaks volumes for the leadership of the Directors at each school and for the way Ms. Cheryll and Mr. Richard treat them. Each week I have witnessed all the head teachers getting together in Ms. Pennee’s office for a staff meeting. As a parent it makes me feel good, they are collaborating their efforts to better my child’s education. When you walk through school there is a sense of calmness and my child feels they are at home. All the teachers truly love your child. It’s the way they talk to them, know them by name, giving them hugs, cheer them on when they excel and most importantly make them feel welcome. If you are looking for a place your child will flourish, then this is the place!
    Kevin Akash
  • My son has been attending Westpark Montessori for a year now. The teachers are very effective with the children and there is no chaos when you walk into a classroom like some of the other preschools I have visited and research. My son loves going to school everyday and has made great progress in the one year he's been there.