CA State License: #204270294 & #204270295

Northwood Montessori was created to provide a convenient location for the growing number of families seeking enrollment in the Montessori Schools of Irvine at the Northern end of our Irvine community. Winning architectural awards for the LPA, Inc. design based on the “craftsman” style, Northwood Montessori provides a warm inviting facility and park-like playground full of trees and enriched play areas. Northwood Montessori’s warm, craftsman interior features an expansive atrium which includes a quiet library area where parents can sit and share a story time with their child.

Located across the street from Canyon View Elementary School and one of Irvine’s own beautiful parks, this school serves toddlers from one year of age and walking and continues through the first grade.

Programs & Monthly Tuition Rates

  • All programs: Monday - Friday 7:30am - 6:00pm
  • Enrollment includes: lunch, snack and complimentary childcare
  • Monthly tuition rates are set July-June
Toddlers – walking ‘til preschool:
Preschool – 2.9 yrs. to 5 yrs.:


  • Amisha
    "We joined Northwood Montessori in the midst of the pandemic and everyone here has been so supportive through all of our fears and concerns. First of all, they have safety nailed down to an art here! All of the staff and children (above 2) wear masks, they sanitize and clean the classrooms daily, practice social distancing and are completely transparent in the way they operate. My son is 5 and is in Ms. Lily's classroom and has just blossomed into loving school. He is always happy to go to school and loves that he can pick which activities he wants to do. He loves to write, paint and has even started to read. The main thing I wanted for my son is to have a love for learning and Northwood Montessori has provided the perfect platform for that. I am so grateful that the teachers take the time to foster that love of learning and curiosity for each and every child. Despite the current situation, the teachers and staff and Northwood Montessori have done a fantastic job at keeping my son happy, healthy and engaged. They go above and beyond every day!"

Contact For Enrollment

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